About Us

CivicWorks Planning + Design is a specialized Calgary-based planning and design consulting firm, with over thirty-years of combined experience. We offer expertise and provide comprehensive advisory services in project planning, design, and management for private-sector land development clients throughout Alberta. Our core professional planning and design expertise is effectively complemented by strategic partnerships with other specialized professional firms. With each project, we build and lead a customized team of land development professionals to successfully deliver each client’s unique vision.


Passion for Learning and Innovation

We are a team of entrepreneurial-minded planners and designers that are committed to relentless professional growth, best-practice inquiry, and finding creative solutions in everything we do. We know how to learn from both our successes and failures, and we strive to leave a lasting legacy in all that we do.

Success through Collaboration

Our success is a product of our ability to respectfully collaborate and find synergies both within our team and with our external strategic partners. We recognize that alone we can do little, but together we can do much.

Right-Sized and Client-Focused

We are a close-knit family-sized team of land development planners that constantly strive to advise better and do more great things for our established clients. Our clients are our livelihood and they don’t need us to be the biggest, they need us to be among the best.



Our core expertise is an integrated discipline. Planning demands analysis and understanding of the processes, systems, places, and people that have the potential to impact, and be impacted by a plan. Successful planning requires a sharp eye and honed ability to identify and negotiate the political and community-based forces that influence the viability of and make unique each project and plan.


Design is about innovation and imagination. Our approach to design starts on our feet – from rural greenfield to inner-city brownfield, we begin our process with a hands-on site analysis. After we identify the host of physical, policy-based, and stakeholder parameters which inform the fundamentals of good design, we consolidate ideas and offer unique solutions that fit specific places.

Strategic Management

Effective teams require effective leaders, and we provide that leadership. Our professional planning and design expertise is complemented by a diversity of strategic partnerships with other specialized professional firms. From visioning workshops, through approvals, to engineered design and construction coordination, we manage and deliver turn-key projects.

Stakeholder Consultation

We believe that successful outcomes from any planning and design process are a product of genuine engagement with an inclusive group of stakeholders. Identifying, communicating with, and effectively listening to stakeholders necessitates patience, experience, and the honed facilitation skills we possess.