West Springs, City of Calgary


Truman Development Corporation

Project Planner + Team Lead

CivicWorks Planning + Design

Strategic Partners

S2 Architecture
People Places
Intelligent Futures
Bunt & Associates
Vista Geomatics

Project Status

Land Use Redesignation Approval (2015);
Outline Plan Approval (2015),
Subdivision Approval (2016), Development Permit - Phase One (2016),
Project Construction - Phase One (Q2 -2016);

*Select project visualizations prepared by our strategic partners.


The City of Calgary Mayor’s Urban Design Award, City Edge Development - 2015

Urban Placemaking at the City’s Edge

Located in the community of West Springs on Calgary’s west edge, Gateway is a placemaking vision that seizes the opportunity to change the trajectory of development along a suburban neighbourhood corridor (85 Street SW). The corridor has largely developed-out in a mostly unmixed, low-intensity, people-unfriendly, and primarily auto-oriented ‘commercial strip’ format that is all too familiar in the North American context. The people who primarily live in single-detached homes that surround the corridor have few mode choices and are mostly car-dependent to visit the local shops and services sprinkled along the corridor.

Gateway offers a transformative, placemaking approach to city-building along this corridor. At approximately 4-hectares in size, Gateway is comprised of six mixed-use buildings that have been compactly arranged to both frame and foster a grid-style network of vibrant streets and high-quality public realm in a dense yet human-scaled mid-rise built form.
Gateway’s mixed-use buildings feature fine-grain retail at-grade with residential apartment-style condominiums above. Where there is no retail at-grade, its active edges include multi-storey ground-oriented townhouse-style dwellings that animate the building podium edges along streets, open spaces, and where the site interfaces with neighbouring parcels.

The higher density mid-rise development form creates economies that affords underground parking structures to prevent the site from being surrendered to typical suburban surface parking and creates the opportunity for a high-quality open space environment that seamlessly intermingles materials and fosters strong interconnections between public and private spaces.