The Lake, Artesia & The Ranche at Heritage Pointe


MD of Foothills No. 31

Project Planner + Team Lead

CivicWorks Planning + Design

Strategic Partners

Pasquini Engineering
Maidment Land Surveys

Project Status

The Lake at Heritage Pointe ASP (29 Sept. 1995);
The Heritage Pointe Stage III (Artesia) ASP (13 Sept. 2007)


SAM Award - Artesia
Community of the Year 2013

The Lake, Artesia, and The RancheĀ are part of a master planned residential community contained within of The Hamlet of Heritage Pointe.

Goals such as retaining viewsheds over the Pine Creek valley towards the City of Calgary as well as views to the west towards the foothills and the Rocky Mountains were achieved. The land use concept emphasizes the integration of the development with the natural landscape, recognizing the fragile nature of the edges and escarpments of the Pine Creek valley as well as the many ravines which bisect the site. Golf course, lake and lake amenity uses which are integrated into the residential areas provide visual relief and a sense of openness which enhance the rural character of the site. These communities contain over 1,000 residents. CivicWorks is exceptionally proud of our role in the development of the award winning Hamlet of Heritage Pointe community.