Upper West


West Hillhurst, Calgary


Truman Development Corporation

Project Planner + Team Lead

CivicWorks Planning + Design

Strategic Partners

S2 Architecture
Navagrah Landscape Architecture & Urban Design
Veritas Development Solutions
Vista Geomatics

Project Status

Land Use Redesignation Approval (2016)
Development Permit Approval (2016)
Project Construction (Q3 2016)

*Select visualizations prepared by our strategic partners

Smart Growth through Infill Housing

Upper West is smart growth in the form of established area multi-residential infill. Located in West Hillhurst, a site comprised of three lane-oriented single-family detached homes is to be sensitively intensified to forty-five apartment-style dwellings within a street-oriented four-storey building form. 

The vision is contextually appropriate in land use type and building height within the immediate mixed-use block. Resident parking is proposed to be contained within an underground parking structure, and the parkade access, building garbage/servicing is proposed from the existing rear lane.

The City of Calgary qualified this site for a pilot application process – Concurrent Land Use Redesignation and Development Permit. This is an innovative application process that allows the Applicant to work with The City and community stakeholders on both the Land Use Redesignation and Development Permit applications simultaneously.

The Concurrent Application process provides the level of detail needed to give certainty to all stakeholders that this is not simply a land use rezoning with an uncertain development outcome. It provides for a high-quality ‘bricks and mortar’ outcome that Applicant is committed to build.